Tim Cook Says That Apple Will Broadcast New Services in 2019


We’d heard in the end of last year that Apple may plan to launch its highly anticipated TV service in early-2019, and none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook just poured apple on the pie — revealing to CNBC’s Mad Money host Jim Cramer in an exclusive interview that the organization will declare new “services” this year.

While Tim Cook didn’t state what sort of services — Cramer was asking whether Apple had any tricks up its services sleeve, including healthcare or mobile payments — it’s the highly anticipated TV service that has lately seen all the prices fall into place.

Here at CES 2019, there’s been a series of shock declarations from TV manufacturers that are abruptly supporting Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit features to enable you to cast content specifically from your iPhone, iPad and Mac — including TVs running opponent operating systems from Google and Samsung. New TVs from rival Samsung will bolster iTunes, as well, giving you a chance to access your movies and TV shows there too.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to figure Apple may prepare with those equipment manufacturers for the forthcoming TV service, as well.

At that point, there’s content: We detailed last June how Apple has been spending over $1 billion on unique TV content with no conspicuous place for clients to watch it. Another report suggested that some of those original shows were slated to make a big appearance this March. Another still guaranteed that those shows may be free for individuals who own Apple gadgets.

Yet, regardless of whether the TV service is one of the “services” CEO Tim Cook stated, it’s not clear what different services Apple may be talking about.

Cook additionally addressed reports that the iPhone XR probably won’t be selling as well as expected, saying that it’s still been the most famous iPhone every day since launch, and that the Apple Watch and AirPods wearables business is bringing in more money than the iPod at any point did — 50 percent more than iPod at peak sales. As a matter of fact, Apple’s a way bigger organization now, and Apple Watches are priced as high as or higher than the iPod ever might have been.


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